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1.Traffic Tickets

A traffic ticket is no joke. Many people think that paying the fine gets rid of the charge. This is not the case. Paying the fine is pleading guilty to the charge and getting yourself a conviction on your driving record, which causes your insurance to go up, whether or not the charge included demerit points(see below). Many insurance companies consider the amount of tickets, and not the amount of points or in some cases the severity of the violation, so making sure you give yourself the best chance to get your ticket removed is an important step in saving you thousands of dollars, let alone suspensions and other consequences depending on what you were charged with. In specific situations {See Criminal Tab}Impaired Driving,Dangerous Driving, etc., can even land you in jail, and leave you with a criminal record. We work with a network of trusted and talented paralegals, lawyers and law firms to get your criminal matter handled the best possible way  read more....

2. Criminal

Criminal Summary Offences
Summary Offences are considered less serious than Indictable Offences, and is a criminal offence that can be proceeded with summarily (in a quick and simple manner). Someone who is charged with a Criminal Summary Offence as opposed to an Indictable Offence, can face a maximum jail term of 6 months, does not have the right to a jury in trial, does not have to submit fingerprints, and is very rarely heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.  The police can also arrest under Summary Conviction without a warrant. Usually, a person charged with a summary conviction offence is not arrested, but given a notice to appear in court on a certain date at a certain time. The person must be charged within six months of the offence if not, the person cannot be charged with a summary conviction offence. Criminal Summary Offences can be changed to Indictable Offences by Crown prosecutor  read more....

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