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Summary Offences are considered less serious than Indictable Offences, and is a criminal offence that can be proceeded with summarily (in a quick and simple manner). Someone who is charged with a Criminal Summary Offence as opposed to an Indictable Offence, can face a maximum jail term of 6 months, does not have the right to a jury in trial, does not have to submit fingerprints, and is very rarely heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.  The police can also arrest under Summary Conviction without a warrant. Usually, a person charged with a summary conviction offence is not arrested, but given a notice to appear in court on a certain date at a certain time. The person must be charged within six months of the offence if not, the person cannot be charged with a summary conviction offence. Criminal Summary Offences can be changed to Indictable Offences by Crown prosecutor.

Some examples of Criminal Summary Offences can be:

  • Theft valued under $5,000;
  • Fraud under $5,000;
  • Uttering Threats;
  • Public exposure/nudity;
  • Trespassing at night;

There are some offences that are “Hybrid” Offences, which means that the Crown prosecutor will decide whether to treat your case as a Summary Offence (less serious) or an Indictable offence (more serious). Examples of a Hybrid Offence include, but are not limited to

  • Impaired Driving;
  • Dangerous Driving;
  • Assault;
  • Possession of a Narcotic.

For the summary conviction procedure, the maximum penalty for drug possession is a fine of $1,000 and six months in prison if it is your first offence (7 years if Indictable). The penalty of Possession of Narcotic, Impaired Driving,  Dangerous Driving, Assault, etc. can be a fine and suspension as a Summary Offence, but can greatly increase (prison, fine, lifetime suspension, criminal record) if the offence is repeated or is deemed an Indictable Criminal Offence.

We handle all Summary Criminal Offences, and if you are charged with any Indictable Criminal Offence, we work with a network of criminal defence lawyers and former police officers, who will handle your case with utmost care and professionalism.

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